Friday, May 15, 2009

Blackout 2 Redman/Method Man +

Redman To Eminem, "I Will Leave [Def Jam] Right Now For Shady" [Video]

"Even like Shady, even to have that idea, or Eminem to even have that idea like thinking Redman was gonna be off Def Jam and he coming through is a privilege," Red explained. "Like, I will leave right now and go over there to Shady. I don't care, 'cause they still doing hip-hop and I love it. Anybody supporting it, I'm there. Big up to Shady though, but I ain't off Def Jam yet, f*ck. But I'm there though. I'm still rockin'. Come get me for a record though, let's make it happen." Redman!!

I am wondering a lot how these industry cats are pushing albums, and how they reflect sales, look at Ross-Kanye -Jadakiss and everybody...50 brought it up last year in the Good V. Bad (if you can call it that) battle but I have yet to get a full answer from anyone...

Will research this and get to the bottom of it, but this is a nice vid-talks heavy on dropping a LP, and show some love on May 19...Grab the album!!

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