Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Source in Chicago stated it clearly!!

Music is dangerous: Legislation planned in secret affecting the Chicago Music Scene Category: Music
"At E2, they said, 'Okay, guys. You're renting my venue. Here's the keys to my house. I'll see you tomorrow.' That doesn't happen with a responsibly run venue. It's vastly different than the way we operate," Mickelson (of Jam Productions) said.Its Shocking how the city is pushing the responsibility of the venue off on the promoters. This will not only create a climate where less events can happen, but a higher price on the ones that do...When promoters need to pay for a license, (which venues already have) insurance, (which venues already have) and security (which venues already have)Instead of fixing a problem the city has chose to legislate against those who have the least money in the situation (only events with less than 500 people), and the least ability to fight back, and still they passed this legislation in secrecy...The city of Chicago I am told has more bars Per capita than any major metropolitan area, and apparently they find the effects of music more dangerous that alcohol.What all of this means, still remains to be seen, but when you hear things like:"In a major concession to Chicago's thriving concert industry, venues with a fixed seating capacity of 500 or more would be exempt from the new requirements."Its obvious that this isn't aimed at what remains of the limping corporate music machine, but at the independent music culture that make Chicago great. We have to ask ourselves, is this creating a climate in Chicago where an artist can thrive?

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